Commentary: Young Adults Beat Stereotypes One Laugh at a Time Online

6 Aug

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Satire is the key to exposing discrimination for young African-Americans. Read full story here.


Featured As A Panelist on the Healthy Living Tour

6 Jul

On Friday June 20, 2014, I had the unique opportunity of being apart of @healthylivingtour‘s phenomenal panel discussion about what else but relationships, hair and loving your body with @dianecbailey @drskdenhamThanks again to@jenellbstewart for putting together the event. This was my first panel and the loving energy was definitely in the room! Thank you! #gratitude#healthylivingtournyc. More photos from the event can be seen here.

I don’t consider myself an expert on love, hair or spirituality. I mean I’m only 25. But it feels good to know as a writer and creator that I have a voice that people take seriously and respect. When I was younger I just wanted to tell stories. But I realize there’s a little bit more to it. I would prefer that no one put me on a pedestal and think that they could never do what I’ve done. But hopefully my words inspire people to keep their dreams going, let out a cry sometimes, but in the end enjoy the process. ❤️
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For The Guys Who Put Me On a Pedestal

24 Jun
For the guys that put me on a pedestal

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I don’t need a man to put me on a pedestal. The idea of being an arm piece or a trophy wife is not for me. In my own experiences, I have met men who want to take me out, “get to know me” and say they want to fill the BAE position because of what they see on the surface. But what about what I want? Continue reading

Luke James Speaks on Connecting Through Music, Lessons From Beyonce and New Album [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

13 Jun
Luke James

Neilson Barnard, Getty Images

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After several delays, Luke James is finally gifting listeners with something they can feel with his self-titled debut album, arriving Sept. 23. For the New Orleans crooner, the delays have been a blessing, not a curse.

Rewind back to December 2011, when James broke out as a solo artist, dropping his free project, ‘#LUKE,’ as a teaser for his official opus, ‘Made to Love’– originally slated for a 2012 release. James’ ‘I Want You’ was a buzzworthy single and garnered a 2012 Grammy nod for Best R&B Performance. No official date surfaced for the official album, instead, another free effort, ‘Whispers in the Dark,’ followed. One fan heard that project and gave him the biggest opportunity of his career thus far –that musical admirer was Beyonce. Continue reading

‘ILoveCollege’ Clothing Line Makes Ambition Fashionable for Teens

6 Jun
I Love College Clothing

I Love College Clothing

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There are plenty of things the average high school student would want to think about before college. And although being the smartest kid in class may not give kids much of a cool factor, it is required to pursue a higher education.

Julian Gunder, 28, wanted to flip this mindset of high school students by making ambition fashionable. In 2011, he created the ILoveCollege clothing company for kids ages 13 to 19 to get them excited about their future educations. Continue reading

Join the #SummerHigh14 Instagram Campaign!

31 May

Hearts Converse #SummerHigh14

Join the #SummerHigh14 Instagram Campaign!

BBQs, day parties, brunches, rooftops, backyards, beaches, festivals, long days…it’s that time of the year again.

To celebrate our favorite season, Hearts Converse is launching #summerhigh14 photo campaign today.

Post your summer moments, food, scenery, events, family, solo, crew and boo love, using the hashtag #summerhigh14.

Everyday we’ll be reposting the best with a s/o to you! At the end of the summer, we’ll vote on the most liked and the winner will receive a special token of appreciation ;).

Why We Should All Be Creative

27 May
Why We Should All Be Creative

Mark Sebastian, Flickr

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cre•a•tive: (Of a person) having good imagination or original ideas (Oxford Dictionary U.S. Version)

For the past 15 days, the Twitter account that I launched in 2008 has been suspended for suspicion of impersonation. Another user with my name claims that I am pretending to be her [yeah I laughed too]. Unfortunately, Twitter’s support department is not very transparent and it is damn near impossible to reach a human being as it is run via e-mail. I have no idea whether my account will be un-suspended. My only options are as followed: start from scratch (980 followers down the drain though?), wait around or just peace out to Twitter for good. Continue reading

Leon Ford Jr., Shot by Police and Paralyzed, Won’t Be Silenced

2 May
Leon Ford Jr.

Leon Ford Jr.

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Leon Ford Jr. is in the fight for what’s left of his freedom.

The 21-year-old’s life changed forever after he was shot five times by Pittsburgh police during a traffic stop the night of Nov. 11, 2012. The incident left him paralyzed, taking away his ability to walk. To add to his injury, Ford is facing at least 20 years in prison for charges that include aggravated assault, reckless endangerment to police enforcement and resisting arrest. Continue reading

Why ‘Dear White People’ Is Going to Be Your New Favorite Film

7 Apr

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Let me put you on to your next favorite film.

On Friday March 21, I saw an advanced screening of Dear White People at the Lincoln Center in New York. The film portrays the black student population at a fictional ivy-league school called Winchester University. The protagonist Samantha Price is a fire-starting film student. And her radio show Dear White People has caused quite the stir on campus.

The film is dressed in satire about “being a black face in a white space.”  Before the movie was played, director Justin Simien gave this disclaimer to white people in the audience: “On behalf of all the black people in the world, you most definitely have permission to laugh.” Continue reading

Black Entrepreneurs Build Bridge With Africa’s Thriving Tech Hubs

3 Apr
ILoveCollege' Clothing Line Makes Ambition Fashionable for Teens

(Photo: Courtesy of Brandspan)

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When Amanda Spann received the opportunity to visit the thriving technology hubs in Africa’s most populous cities, she brought along other curious minds to make the excursion more meaningful.

A group of 15 professionals and one student, mostly women, was formed. From Feb. 1 to Feb. 15, the travelers visited Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria. Sponsored by Arik Air, the trip promoted global entrepreneurship and women’s empowerment and tightened bonds between African-American and African innovators.

“I said why don’t we get together as many tech founders, social innovators and young movers and shakers in the social impact space as possible?” Spann, 27, told She is the former CMO of Blerdology, a social enterprise supporting the Black tech community. Currently, she is a specialist at IBM.

Read full story here.